The Mayan Zodiac Symbols

The venerable Mayans created an astrology system known as the Mayan Zodiac Symbols, and it is based on astronomical calculations.

The Haab, the Tzolkin and the Long Count are the 3 calendar systems which the Mayans used. The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar used astronomical events to calculate dates and times. The beginning date of this calendar is considered to be 6 September 3114 BC. 21 September 2012 is the final day of the Mayan Long Count. The Tzolkin calendar is 260 days. The Mayan Tzolkin calendar has got 20 days signs, and since it does not equal a full calendar year, it cannot be used for astrological purposes.

Namely, the only Mayan calendar which has 365 days is the Haab. This is the calendar which is used for Mayan Zodiac astrology, and the Mayan Zodiac Symbol is created according to this calendar. Namely, the Haab has 18 months of 20 days. The final, 19th months has 5 days at the end, and they are nameless.

There are 19 zodiac signs in the Mayan Astrology calendar. The Mayan calendar is surrounded by mystery which remains even nowadays. The precise meanings of the signs is still not clear. A number of modern interpretations are present, but none are based on the symbols which the Mayans used and the research into their culture.

Ch’en: 2 January to 21 January

Meaning: West, One Flower, Black Sky, Black Storm

People born in this sign are the people of the night. These people are the most powerful after dusk and before sunrise. These people have a natural relationship with mood energies. These people need to wear moonstone so as to strengthen their connection with lunar energies. West is your cardinal direction.

 Yax: 22 January to 10 February

Meaning: South, Two Flower, Venus, Green Storm

People born in this signs have a natural liking for people from the Yaxk’in sign. The ruling planet is Venus and they are loving and caring by nature. These people are able to bring peace to those around them. South is their cardinal direction.

 Sac: 11 February to 2 March

Meaning: North, Three Flower, Frog Constellation, Frog, White Storm

People born in this signs enjoy during the day hours, and their power time is early morning. North is their cardinal direction. The meaning of the frog, which is power animal for these people, is their comfort and adaptability with change. Your power lies in change, so embrace it.

Keh: 3 March to 22 March

Meaning: East, Deer, Trees, Red Storm

People born in this sign have natural liking towards natural balance and nature. These people have the energy of fire and their power color is red. You can develop the natural power by meditation in forests. East is their cardinal direction and their totem animal is deer.

Mak: 23 March to 11 April

Meaning: God of Number 3, Cover, Enclosed

People born in this sign are considered the largest mystery of the Mayan astrology signs. Since the sign is a mystery, those people are a mystery as well. These people keep themselves away from others, and the words describing them are enclose and cover. They need to spend time meditating and reflecting, just like the bear. The number 3 is considered the number of completion, balance and divinity.

K’ank’in: 12 April to 1 May

Meaning: Yellow Sun, Underworld, Yellow, Dog, Earth

People born in this sigs are people of the Sun and the Earth. These people have natural liking for the powerful solar energies and the planet below their feet. People from these sign need to meditate on sunlight. However, they also need to spend time on and in the earth, so meditating or visiting a cave will offer them calmness and tranquility. Dog is their totem animal, the yellow dog in particular. Apart from being loyal, dogs are known for their inner strength.

Muwan: 2 May to 21 May

Meaning: Fire, God of Rain and Clouds, Moan Bird, Owl

People born in this sign have a natural liking towards water and fire. They need to embrace these elements, especially in time of thunderstorms when both water and fire are present as lightning and rain. Owl is their totem animal. They are able to detect the truth.

Pax: 22 May to 10 June

Meaning: Drum, Arrow, Steam, Puma, Planting Time

Jaguar is the totem animal for this sigs. Jaguars present leadership and they are crucial for the Mayan culture. These people are natural leaders and they need to embrace this characteristic. Steam, which is a mix of fire, water and earth, is their element. They need to combine these three elements.

Kayab: 11 June to 30 June

Meaning: One God, Mood Goddess, Turtle

People born in this signs are naturally inclined toward spiritual endeavors and the moon. These people search for a deeper meaning in everything. Turtle is their totem animal. Turtles are considered to be carriers of death and ancient wisdoms.

Kumk’u: 1 July to 20 July

Meaning: Itzamnas Gods of plants and rain, Dar, Two Lord, Conch over Maize, Crocodile, Grain

People born in this sign are dualistic by nature. Crocodile is their animal totem. Crocodiles have the gift of patience, timing and survival. When the majority of reptile species went extinct during the Mesozoic period, crocodiles survived. Their power is stability and longevity. These people don’t embrace change, yet it happens around them all the time.

Wayeb: 21 July to 25 July

Meaning: the Missing Days, Specter, the Earth God, Unlucky Days

People born in this sign are the anomaly of the signs. The other Mayan signs have 20 days, but this signs just 5 days. During this time, other forces are present. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that those born in this signs are not lucky. It simply means that their connection to other realms and other worlds is stronger. These people have a natural liking for extra-sensory perception, and they walk between worlds.

Pop: 26 July to 14 August

Meaning: Soft Earth, Leader, Chief, Jaguar

People born in this sign are born leaders. Both Chief and Jaguar refer to power in ancient Maya. These people bring clear direction and vision to the people around them, while continuing to be sensitive about their needs. These people have natural liking for the earth and performing grounding meditations is going to enhance their gifts.

Wo: 15 August to 3 September

Meaning: Two Soft Earth, Frog, Nighttime, Blackstorm, Black Jaguar, Black Sky

People born in this signs are similar to those born in the Sac and Che’n signs. These people are the most powerful during the night hours, like the ones in the Che’n signs. When it comes to the Sac signs, they share the same animal totem. These people are mystical, and they always look for hidden mysteries and wisdoms.

Sip: 4 September to 23 September

Meaning: Stag, Deer, Red storm, Red Sky, Red Conjunction

People born in this signs have a natural liking to air and fire. The deer is their power animal, stag in particular. The deer symbolizes connection with the forest and grace. Their power color is red.

Sotz: 24 September to 13 October

Meaning: Beginning of Winter, Two Moss, Fish, Bat

People born in this signs have two animal totems, the fish and the bat. They have the ability to move freely through water and air. Water and air are their elements. Bats are connected with the earth, they return to the womb of the earth for rest. These are very sensible creatures, and they offer ability to see past illusion, sensitivity and intuition. Depth and subconscious is presented by the fish.

Sec: 14 October to 2 November

Meaning: Sky and Earth

People born in this sign are particularly related with the sky and the earth. They are fascinated with the sky and hold interest in everything in it. Earth is the element of practicality and air of mental energy. People born in this signs are able to find the perfect solution, which is an incredible gift.

Xul: 3 November to 22 November

Meaning: Dog God, Bird Days, Dog with suntail

Dog is the totem animal to people born in this sign. Mayans considered the dog an important animal. They believed that dogs could guide people to their next life. People born in this signs are dedicated, strong and loyal. Because of their connection to the next life, they can help with the fear of passing and death.

Yaxk’in: 23 November to 12 December

Meaning: Green, Red Clouds, Sun God, New Sun

People born in this signs are connected with the Mayan Sun God Ah Kin. He protected them from disease, drought and darkness. People born in this signs are healers. They have a natural liking to healing those close to them. One downfall to this signs is doubt. These people need to learn to trust other and themselves.

Mol: 13 December to 1 January

Meaning: Gathering, Jaguar, Clouds Gather, Water

People born in this sign are related with water. Their power patterns are associated with rainfall and water. Jaguar is their animal totem. Jaguars represent the strength of the leaders and the mystery of the shamans.