You have probably noticed those silicone gel packs when you buy new shoes or purse. Their function is to assimilate dampness, so stop throwing them away and utilize these little packs in the family unit. Check out this list and learn where silicone gel packs can be used.


If you find yourself into a situation when your telephone is all in water and wet, don’t worry, you have not lost everything. Take your phone out of the water and dismantle it. After you have taken your sim card and battery, put some of the silicone gel packs and leave your phone for a couple of days. Don’t try to charge your phone until it’s dry, because that can result with short fuse and it can destroy your phone.

Silica Gel Pack


If you are worried about your old album pictures and you want to conserve their quality, simply add the collected silicone gel packs between every page of the album. This will keep your pictures dry.


Collectors of old cash, napkins, pictures or post stamps certainly like their stuff to be in best quality. Three or four silicone gel packs will prevent dampness to decimate the collections.

Important Documents

Important documents like agreements for your automobile, loft, imperative records and your world declaration can also be protected with these packs. Put a couple of gels between your documents and they will be free of dampness.

Things in Boxes

There are things that we don’t use so much. We usually store them into plastic boxes or cardboard in some closet or upper room. To protect everything in the box from dampness, just toss in a couple of silicone gel packs.

Christmas tree Decorations

You take out Christmas tree decoration only once a year, so couple of packs will protect them from dampness during the whole year.