We are continuing to use chemotherapy, even If it’s not needed anymore!

This is the drink that will save our lives, and there are many studies that proving this fact. However, very few of us know about it, and how amazing it is. People refuse to believe, because of its cheap price and easy accessibility. Are you aware that baking soda and lemon are better than chemotherapy?

This duo is proven to be 10000 times stronger than chemotherapy. Why nobody told this to us before? Probably, because they will not have profit from people that are healthy.

baking soda & lemon

Billions of dollars in the pharmaceutical industry will be lost, because of this super easy anti-cancer recipe. Many studies proved that lemon is anti-cancer fruit. It alkalizes our body, which kills tumors and cysts. They can’t feed themselves in alkaline environment, which will stop their growth and eliminate them.

Lemon combined with baking soda is very strong anti-cancer remedy, because their effect is alkaline. However, you should avoid any kind of food or drink like coffee, which are creating acidic environment. This wonderful fact was discovered by the scientist Otto H. Warburg back in 1923. He got the Nobel Prize for his remedy for cancer, but people at that particular time, weren’t aware about the exact truth.

The Discovery

Dr. Warburg found that anti-physiological style of living results with cancer. Acidic food and the lack of physical activity are creating acidic environment that is poorly oxygenated. The acidic cells in the body, displace the oxygen from cells, and create acidic environment. According to Dr. Warburg, acidified organism is an oxygen-free environment. He said that if our oxygen levels fall under 35%, cancer cells will be created in only 2 days.

In his masterpiece “The metabolism of tumors”, he presented that all cancer forms are based on 2 basic conditions, Hypoxia or lack of oxygen, and blood acidity. He discovered that cancer cells are breathing oxygen (anaerobic) and they can’t survive in environment with high concentration of oxygen. Cancer cells can’t live with oxygen around, but they can grow with the help of glycose.

Cancer is a defense mechanism, which the cells are using to survive in an acidic environment. What is creating the acidification of your body and development of cancer? It’s very simple answer, Food! Most of the people today are consuming a lot of acidic food, and it’s not a surprise why the cancer is present more and more.

What you should eat less?

  • Refined sugar and derivatives from it are the worst thing, because they lack vitamins, protein, minerals, and fat, but they only have carbohydrates, which are damaging the pancreas, and are very acidic (pH 2.1).
  • All types of Meat, and animal products like yogurt, cream, cheese and milk.
  • Refined salt
  • Refined flour and derivatives from it like pasta, biscuits, cakes etc.
  • Butter, bread, alcohol, caffeine, and industrial foods, which are having artificial colors, stabilizers, preservatives, flavors and so on.
  • Antibiotics and all kind of drugs in general.

What to it more?

  • Lemon and baking soda
  • Fruits
  • Raw vegetables
  • Almonds
  • Millet Only millet is alkalizing from all whole grains. Others can be acidic, but you should balance and eat crops from time to time. Cook them before eating.
  • Honey
  • Chlorophyll
  • Water promotes oxygen. Drink a lot of water during the day and always stay hydrated.
  • Exercising promotes alkaline environment in your body, because it gives oxygen to the body. Physical inactivity is killing the organism.

Chemotherapy is death!

Even if chemotherapy is the modern medicine breakthrough discovery, it means death in many cases. Chemotherapy acidifies human body, which creates an environment where the last reserves of alkaline cells are wasted to neutralize the acidity. Sacrificing minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which are taken from the teeth, bones, hair, and nails. Chemotherapy ends with physical changes and acidifies the body, resulting with spreading of cancer, rather than killing it.

If you are suffering from this terrible disease, alkalize your body with the mentioned foods and most importantly with lemon and baking soda.


Source: HealthyAndNaturalLife