Garlic is used across all over the world not only as a flavor and spice but also for its powerful healing properties. You can consume garlic cooked, raw or as a powerful medicine.
Garlic can help you in preventing coronary heart disease, heart attack, lowering the high blood pressure and also reversing the atherosclerosis effects. Garlic’s bulb can also help you in the everyday problems, such as: traveler’s diarrhea, hay fever, bug-bites, cold and flu and fungal infections.

Consumption of the garlic in a regular way can also control the symptoms of diabetes, osteoarthritis and the problems with enlarged prostate.
The bulb of the garlic can help in improving your immune system and the ability of the body to destroy the toxins. You can combine it with onion and ginger if you need a chemotherapy detox.

Garlic and its usage:

Garlic contains an active ingredient known as ‘allicin’ that makes the garlic better to eat raw because the heat denaturalizes it. If you want the best results of the garlic you should crush it and chop up the clove and you should leave it for about fifteen minutes before you eat it. When you crush the bulb it activates a chemical reaction that makes more bioavailable the alicin.
It is really interesting that if you eat garlic on an overwhelmed stomach, your body can’t absorb and process all of the food benefits. That is why you should consume it on an empty stomach.
– It is really good way to add the raw garlic to your diet mixing it with honey. This is the way to do it:

Chop into small pieces, two or three cloves of garlic and add a full spoon of honey.
This mixture will give you more energy and your health will be improved in less than a week. You should eat it every day for best results.

–  This is how you can make by yourself a garlic flu tonic:

If your skin is very sensitive, please wear gloves. Also you should not rub your eyes when you will use this tonic because natural oils of the garlic can cause a skin rush or burn. These are the needed ingredients:
~ ½ roughly chopped- yellow onion;
~ Five- cloves of garlic(roughly chopped);
~ Two- red chili peppers(roughly chopped);
~ 1tbs(heaping)roughly chopped  ginger;
~Juice of 1lemon;
~Organic, raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar

Get a 350-500ml mason jar and start the filling with the yellow onion. Then add the garlic and the red chili peppers(including the seeds). After that, add  the ginger and pour the lemon juice over it. In the end add the apple cider vinegar and leave about 1cm of room at the top of the jar. Then cap the jar and leave it in a pantry or on the counter.
This tonic is excellent for your flu, cold or sore throat.

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