The elimination of the accumulated fat in the waist and belly can be very difficult task. The following drink is great for accelerating the metabolism and the weight loss process and detoxifying the whole organism.

This is how you can make this amazing drink:

Needed ingredients:

-Half and cup of Water;
-Two Grapefruit (squeezed);
-Spoonful of Ginger juice;
-Half a tsp. of Cinnamon;

This drink can replace the traditional trick of lemon and water. The grapefruit is very powerful citrus which can burn fats and remove toxins.

This amazing drink will accelerate the metabolism and detoxify it. You should consume it before going to sleep, because the metabolism slows down during the rest. In this way it will burn fats even though you are sleeping.

Mix the ingredients and consume it for twelve days, before going to sleep. Take a break for three days and continue with the treatment for another twelve days. It will boost your metabolism, help you form a great figure, detoxify your body and lose weight.

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