Basically, a Himalayan Salt Lamp is or should be pieces of pure Himalayan Salt that have small bulb inside. They look like large piece of salt, but lately they are sold in a shape of decorative baskets full with large crystals of salt. The real ones, no matter whether decorative or not are really beneficial for our health, in many ways, such as they purify the air we breathe in our home, prevent headaches and ease the breathing. But, they serve as nice decorative ornaments too, adding to the feeling of coziness in the home.

These are made from unpolluted salt which is why they are beautiful, useful and have increased their popularity recently. Just for the sake of their popularity and the benefits we gain from them, everyone wants to purchase one. That massive demand for these lamps caused production of fake ones which won’t do any good to you for sure. Unfortunately, you may not make the difference due to many reasons – sometimes we buy online or sometimes you just can’t tell the difference. But, WE KNOW IT! Read below and find out how to distinguish a real Himalayan Salt lamp from a fake one.

Real Himalayan Salt Lamp break easily

Not only they break easily, but sometimes they are not delivered whole as a result of their fragility. A fake one won’t break even if you drop it. That is why you should be extra careful with your lamp. Put it somewhere high, out of reach of children, however somewhere close to you so you can benefit from it.

The fake Himalayan Salt Lamp renders strong, fake light

The real Himalayan Salt Lamp is supposed to give a nice warm pinkish to orange glow which is opposite of what the fake lamps produce. For example, a fake lamp would light up the whole room nearly like a regular bulb. That is absolutely of no purpose to the real manufacturers. The real ones tend to produce cozy glow because of the presence of minerals.

Don’t doubt such product with a Pakistan origin

It is a good point to always look for some extra information about the product you buy. That is of great help – to know where your money goes, especially for a product like this. First, the Himalayan Salt Lamps were made in Pakistan, in the place of Khewra, from the Himalayan Mountains. If the product originates from Pakistan, that is a good product to buy and it means less doubts.

Real manufacturers have flexible return policy

The rule is: never buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp that has questionable return policy. Real manufacturers are aware of the high possibility that their products may break while transporting and they won’t deny it. They are ready to refund the money or send a new product. This is something you want it to last and that is why you need a good return policy.

They reduce the humidity in the air

Well, that is one of the purpose of these incredibly helpful lamps. They are intended not only to purify the air, but to reduce the humidity in the air. Humid air can be very threatening to our health, especially indoors when the chances for developing bacteria are high. If you own a real lamp, then you will experience the results very soon.

You do feel the relief after using the Himalayan Salt Lamp

After using the lamp for quite a time and if you have noticed change of your general well-being then you may be sure that you did a good job in the store. Generally, after using this lamp, the symptoms of respiratory tract, asthma symptoms, allergies, the relief follows. Besides the sceptics around the world, still there are numerous people who have been helped a great deal by using this product in your home. The moment you feel better; you will know that it is the Himalayan salt lamp.

The Himalayan White Salt Lamps are more exclusive than the ones made of pink Himalayan salt

Since the white Himalayan salt is rarer, it costs more than the Himalayan Pink Salt lamp.  So next time, be aware that by no means they shouldn’t cost the same. The Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp should be far cheaper than the one with white salt. Avoid buying anything from such sellers if you look for genuine products.

Now, I won’t doubt you will make the right choice. This article is a great help when it comes to distinguishing fake from real Himalayan Pink Salt lamps including also the ones with the white salt. The fact is that you are going to fall in love with the atmosphere this lamp renders. Place the Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp near you, in the room where you spend most of the time because you need to be close to it in order to benefit from it. Or, consider buying such lamps for every room in your house.

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