Knee and joint pain affect many people and there are effective natural remedies that can treat these conditions, even though most of the people don’t know how they work. In the following, we will present you few remedies that will help you with the knee and joint inflammation. If you take pill whenever you feel pain, you are not helping yourself. You are just delaying the pain but you don’t heal the underlying issues. Instead of buying expensive medications, you should try some of the following remedies. They have no side effects, plus they are effective and cheap.


It is mostly used for cooking but it is also used for aromatherapy massages. It has ursolic acid which fights against joint inflammation and it reduces the pain. Bring two cups of water to boil and add 200 grams of rosemary. Let it simmer for twenty minutes and let it cool off a little. Strain it and consume two cups a day.


This herb has anti-inflammatory properties and it is rich in minerals and vitamins which will reduce the pain in few days. Make horsetail tea and consume it two times a day.


It is great against inflammation and pain. If it is combined with saffron, it provides better results. Bring three cups of water to boil and add saffron and turmeric and simmer for ten minutes. Strain it and let it cool a little and add some honey. Drink it during the day.


The ginger is another spice that can relieve pain and inflammation. It will give you immediate results. Make a ginger tea, cool it a little and add some honey. Consume it two to three times a day.


They are great against pain and inflammation as they contain omega3 fatty acids which reduce the pain and inflammation. Consume two tbs. of flaxseed per day. Combine them with smoothies, milk or yogurt as they are ideal for breakfast.


They have anti-inflammatory properties which fight inflammation and numerous athletes use them before training. To recover the muscles from exhaustion you should add cherries and water in a blender and blend them. Then, put the mixture in a pot and add the sugar. Simmer on medium until the mixture is combined. Let it cool for twenty minutes and pour it in a glass bottle and place it in a fridge. Add one spoon in a glass of water and consume it before and after training to prevent muscle cramps.

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