There are many people who choose to get expensive gym memberships, magic supplements and special equipment and there are also those who want to keep it simple, eat healthy and workout. In this article we will present you five exercises that will improve your body and give the body you always wanted.


This is one of the most underrated and greatest exercises ever. It is consisted of only one move and it helps to build strong shoulders, ripped abs and core of steel. Place yourself on the ground in a push-up position, bend the elbows at 900 and prop yourself on the forefeet, forearms and elbows forming straight line from the feet to the head and hold as much as you can without moving the butt or waist.


This is ultimate exercise that utilizes almost every major muscle in the body and firms the whole body. Place yourself in a plank position and place the hands under the shoulders. Then, push the body up and maintain a straight line with the butt, back and legs. After that, lower the body down on the previous position and repeat.


This exercise will build the calves, hams and quads while enhancing the fat burning process and strengthening the whole core. Place the feet shoulder-width apart, extend the hands in front of you and sit back and down. Keep the head forward. The back shouldn’t round. Lower yourself until the thighs are parallel to the ground.

*Bird dog*

Place yourself in a plank position and prop on the hands and knees and stretch one leg and opposite arm and maintain them straight. You should hold that position for a moment and then lower the arm and leg and repeat the process with the other leg and opposite arm. This amazing exercise increases the strength of the core in lower back and abs.

*Lying hip raises*

This exercise is perfect for building powerful hamstrings and glutes and also strengthening the thighs, back and abs. You should lie in the back on the ground, bend the knees and flat the feet. Then, you should extent the arms to the sides at 450 and squeeze the glutes and lift the hips to the ceiling, but make sure you tilt the pelvis. You should lift them as high as you can and squeeze the glutes. Lower yourself slowly down and repeat the procedure.

*The 4-week plan*

#1 Workout:

-plank- 1 minute;
-push-ups- 1 minute;
-squats- 2 minutes;
-bird dog- 1 minute;
-lying hip raises- 1 minute;
-plank- 1 minute;
-push-ups- 1 minute;
-squats- 2 minutes;

Rest for ten seconds between the exercises

#2 Workout:

-plank- 3 minutes;
-bird dog- 3 minutes;
-lying hip raises- 3 minutes;
-push-ups- 1 minute;

Rest for fifteen seconds between the exercises

Perform it six times in a week, like this:

1st week:

1st day: #1 workout;
2nd day: #2 workout;
3rd day: #1 workout;
4th day: #2 workout;
5th day: #1 workout;
6th day: #2 workout;
7th day: rest

2nd week:

1st day: #2 workout;
2nd day: #1 workout;
3rd day: #2 workout;
4th day: #1 workout;
5th day: #2 workout;
6th day: #1 workout;
7th day: rest

Switch back to the 1st week after the 2nd week is completed

These exercises and this program’s results will surprise you. The body will be tighter and stronger and you will feel better. Also, the health will be improved. Make sure you consume plenty of water and eat healthy meals. Give this a try and get the body of your dreams.

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