You don’t need to go to the gym to achieve a happier and healthier body. These are some exercise that you can do without leaving the house.
According to the Harvard Medical University, exercising does not just help you burn fat but it enables the blood vessels, heart and the lungs to deliver oxygen to the muscle cells more efficiently and quickly. It also improves many serious health problems, even can ease the Parkinson’s disease symptoms.
Exercising improves mood, battles anxiety and decreases depression. The core exercises focus on strengthening the core exercising the abdominal muscles.

Lie on the back and stretch the arms behind the head, raise the right leg (bended at the knee) and reach with the left arm to touch the knee.
You can also do different styles of crunches. Lie on the back and raise the legs in the air (bended knees). Raise the upper body off the floor. Set the arms behind the head and then, twist the left side and pull the right leg closer to the head. The elbow needs to touch the right knee. The legs should always be off the floor.

*The plank*

This exercise works all the abdominal muscles and it can be done anywhere at home. Lie down on the stomach and set the elbows underneath you and push up with the toes. Place the elbows shoulder-wide and the body needs to be straight. Tuck the buttocks in in order to make a straight line from the shoulders to the heels.


Remain in the same position as you were in the plank, use the arms by bending the elbows and lower almost to the floor. Then, push up back and repeat. If it is too hard for you, you can try doing it with the knees on the floor and the ankles crossed.

*Buttock exercises*

Set your body on all four with the hands in front of the shoulder line or directly below. Take and left leg and stretch it upwards and backward as high as you can. Slowly pull the leg down and up to the chest. Repeat with the right leg. This exercise is great yoga move and it strengthens the core muscles.


Place your body in a standing position and place the feet in shoulder-line. Bend the knees slowly and position the arms straight in front of you. Lower the body in almost sitting position and keep the back straight. Push back up and repeat.

Four-week plan

This plan is divided in 2 parts. The 1st week has all the mentioned exercises in shorter hurts. You should always stretch before you start exercising because it is the key in preventing injuries and maintaining the straight.

1st week

-Stretch yourself;
-Core exercises: two minutes plank, two minutes general abs;
-Upper body exercise: One minute push-ups;
-Lower body exercises: two minutes of buttock exercises and two minutes of squats;

Take a pause of twenty seconds after each category of exercise.

2nd week

This week has two sets of exercises for every different day of the week

1st set:
-Stretch yourself;
-Three minutes of basic abs;
-Three minutes of the plank;
-Three minutes of push-ups;

2nd set:
-Stretch yourself;
-Three minutes of squats;
-Three minutes of buttock exercises;
-Three minutes of squat or buttock variation exercise;

3rd week

This week you should repeat the exercises from the first week. If you have extra time, you can add one minute to each exercise for better results.

4th week

This week you should repeat the exercises from the second week and you can also add another minute to the exercises for better results.

These exercises are great for you if you don’t want to leave your home and still be fit. You will notice great change to your physical condition and you will feel amazing, as well.

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