Many studies have shown that the magnificent herb thyme essential oil is a potential killer of the lung and the breast cancer cells.

Thyme’s essential oil or Thymus vulgaris, mostly known like “oil of thyme”, is containing 20-54 percent of thymus. The thymus is considered in the natural class of compound called “biocide”. It is a substance known for destroying harmful organisms. The scientists were testing the thyme for his possession of antibacterial activities and in vitro toxicology in contradiction of the 3 human cancer cell lines. So, what was found in the thyme is the power of killing the lung cancer cells, ovarian and oral cancer types.


The thyme originates from the Mediterranean, but the Greeks give its name. In the Greek kitchen there are still many dishes with thyme mixed with olive oil.

The oil from the thyme herb is found to kill over 97% of the human lung cancer cells.

The latest researches, has proven that if we mix the thyme with an olive oil we will enhance the most potential anti-cancer abilities.  Maybe that is the reason that Greeks have the lowest rate of Cancer comparing with USA and the rest of the Europe.

This essential oil is also used in many others traditional medicines, because of its strong and powerful anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-fungal properties. Celal Bayar, the famous Turkish university, made a study from wild thyme’s effects on breast cancer cell. In the end of the study, they’ve found out that the wild thyme is a very promising applicant in the novel therapeutic drugs development, for the breast cancer healing.

Additionally, the fresh thyme is also used in many healthy diets, a lot of cooking recipes, in preparing tea and combined in salads with vegetables or fruits.

Interesting facts: The orthodox Christian people are using it for relaxing, making prayers and chasing bad dreams by keeping it in the bedroom.

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