This article is about an incredible example, a great proof that diabetes can be healed without any pharmaceuticals and daily insulin shots. In fact, it is about my father who reversed diabetes almost 10 years ago and it is a proof that a good diet can really change our health condition.

  • Diet Induces Also Cures Diabetes

Here is the thing, my father still consumes the classic American diet. No any organics, no free healthy meals range and a lot of (what I consider as) junk.  The only thing he changed it the sugar consumption. He totally went from fruit juices and Coca-Cola all day, to drinking only water and occasionally some beer, he cut out the sugar totally, all those desserts, breakfast sugary meals and all the snacks.

He started to make his own desserts with brown rice syrups and only after 3 months of this regime, my father’s blood test was dramatically lowered.  

healthy diet

  • What the Doctor Does Not Know or Is Not Telling

From a medical point of view, the doctors are taught to treat the health conditions with some drugs, and they are kindly pain by pharmaceutical industries. Even my father’s doctor claimed that is easier to give the patients pills to make they feel better at the moment. Maybe there are people, if not all, could at least consider to make some changes, mostly when the protocol comes from a doctor who they trust.

  • Make a Critical Diet Choice

There is a saying “We are what we eat” and once we understand that we can make a crucial change in our lifestyles and begin to eat well. I know this process is a bit slow but our health condition is the most important thing in the world, so we must have time to make it better.

  • Diabetes can be Reversed

For these years my father’s blood sugar levels are remaining balanced. He still consumes ice creams, dessert and beer from time to time and walks as much as he can. So, remember, everything you need to do is to achieve balance in eating food.


Source: CureJoy