Cooks around the world are seeking for alternative to the toxic non-stick cookware. Stainless steel is the healthiest alternative of them all, but it is very expensive, and is not good for cooking pancakes, eggs or other dishes that are asking for non-stick cookware. If you haven’t discovered the benefits from cast iron. Here are ten reasons why you should buy cast iron skillet.

cast iron skillet

  1. Nonstick

In fact, a preheated cast iron skillet is much better than any non-stick cookware. Of course, proper care of the pan is need to keep it in perfect condition.

  1. Avoid Toxic Fumes

If you replace your non-stick skillet with cast iron, you will avoid toxic fumes that are released from most non-stick pans. Also, it is the perfect alternative for aluminum skillets, because they also release toxins.

  1. Oven

Cast iron skillet can be used in the oven too at any temperature you like. This is very good for those you want to make some flat bread, corn bread or frittatas.

  1. Health Benefits

When you cook your food in cast iron pan, you will boost the iron intake, which is very important and crucial mineral for maintaining of our energy levels. Iron also strengthens the immune system.

  1. Easy Clean Up

This kind of cookware is very easy to clean, because the food is lifting of very easy. You don’t have to use soap, since the seasoning is eroding from it.

  1. Cheap

Compared to stainless steel or non-stick cookware, cast iron skillets are 3 or 4 times cheaper.

  1. Heat Source

Cast iron skillets can be used over any kind of heat source. That is why many of disaster planning lists are having it as the survival cookware kit.

The only drawback from cast iron skillets is that they are heavy and ask for intentional maintenance in order to be kept in perfect condition.


Source: EatLocalGrown