Receding gums is a term that describes the process when the gum tissue is opening a great scope on the surface of the tooth, which is even more obvious when the gum is receding in order to provide crevices increment among the gum line and the teeth.
Manifestation of receding gums, are:

  • Tooth ache or pain
  • Tooth seeming bigger than normal
  • Tooth is very sensitive

receding gums

Natural remedies for treating receding gums

Following, we are presenting you a couple of cures on organic base, oils, spices and herbs, which are healing and reversing the receding gums.

  • Green Tea

The healing properties of the green tea are lessening the gums swelling, that is deterring the best recuperation of the gums and other oral diseases.

  1. Make a cup of green tea and refresh yourself in the morning.
  2. Take 1 cup per day, rather in the mornings.
  • Aloe Vera

It is having great anti-inflammatory effects. Aloe Vera is best known and also very valuable, for many skin issues and inner illnesses.

Because of the mitigating properties and cell repairing capabilities, Aloe Vera is lessening the gums aggravation and enacts the critical cells for repairing of the tissues. It is also having anti-bacterial effects that are helping to keep the infection away from the mouth.

  1. You can use Aloe Vera to recede the gums or you can use Aloe Vera gel for mouthwash.
  2. In case of floss and brush, put a little Aloe Vera gel, each morning and each night, on the toothbrush and brush the gums and teeth for 3 minutes and wash the mouth.
  • Sesame oil massage

The sesame oil is helping many oral problems, because of its calming properties. It is expelling the harmful components that are in the mouth and is diminishing the plaque developments, too.

  1. Warm a little bit of sesame oil and after brushing the teeth, consume the oil.
  2. Make a gargle in the mouth for a couple of minutes.


Source > HealthyFoodHouse