Coca Cola, the most popular beverage in the world, is an absolute poison to the people’s metabolism. It is acting as acidic cleanser and its acidity level is the same as the batteries acidity level.
It has high amounts of acid that destroys the tooth enamel and it makes the teeth more prone to decay. Its acidity is very high and the pH level is 2.5, according to some tests.

The consumption of Coca Cola is far from beneficial and healthy for people but it can be very useful as domestic cleansers.
Here are twenty ways to use it:

-It cleanses the blood stains from the clothes and you can polish pennies by soaking in it.
-It also can be used to descale a kettle and if you want to clean your toilet just pour it in the toilet bowl. Leave it for a bit and flush.
-You can get rid of the grease stains from the fabrics and clothes.
-You can also clean the oil stains in your garage. Just pour some of it on the ground and after that hose off.
-It kills snails and slugs as it has high concentration of acids.
-It can eliminate the rust stains from the pool by pouring two liters of it and leave it to act for few minutes.
-Remove rusty bolts and rust by soaking a cloth or sponge.
-Remove the stuck gum in the hair by dipping the hair in a bit of Coca Cola and leave it for two minutes. Then, wipe it off.
-You can also clean engines.
-You can also eliminate paint from the metal furniture. Just dip a towel in Coca Cola and apply on the paint stains.
-Pour a little Coca Cola of the kitchen ground and leave it for a while. Then, wipe it to clean the tiles.
-It can also remove or fade the hair dye.
-If you combine it with aluminum foil, it polishes Chrome.
-It can also clean the vitreous chine stains.
-Pour a little of it, scrub and wash off with soapy water in order to clean the marker stains on the carpet.
-It can also dissolve the teeth and if you put a tooth in a sealed Coca Cola container for a longer time it will dissolve.
-Pour some Coca Cola in the burnt pans and let it to act. Then, rinse to clean it.

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