There is a link between the state of organs inside and teeth, like for example the upper and lower incisors are linked to the ears, bladder and kidneys and the canine teeth are linked to the gallbladder and the liver. The wisdom teeth are linked to the small intestines and heart and the premolars are linked to the lungs. To cure gout naturally check this natural home remedy!

However, this does not mean that the internal damages are linked to the teeth damage. Patients sometimes feel pain in the areas around the healthy teeth and sometimes in the damaged teeth. This pain is called phantom pain because of the messages send by the organs to the teeth. To eat healthy and lose weight at the same time check this > 3 week diet plan.

-Pain in the upper and lower incisor is pyelonephritis, otitis, cystitis;
-Pain in the first incisor is tonsillitis or prostatitis;
-Canine teeth pain is cholecystitis or hepatitis;
-Pain in the premolar teeth is dysbacteriosis, pneumonia, allergy or colitis;
-Fourth teeth pain (upper or lower) is arthritis, colon issues or shoulder pain;
-Molar pain is chronic gastritis, anemia, doudental ulcer, chronic pancreatitis or gastric ulcer;
-6th upper teeth pain is pharynx issues, sinusitis, thyroid issues, spleen issues or ovary inflammation;
-6th lower teeth pain is artery issues, atherosclerosis or vein issues;
-Lower molar teeth pain is lung issues like pneumonia, bronchitis or bronchial asthma, varicose veins or colon polyps;
-Pain in the wisdom teeth is heart problems, congenital defects or cardiac issues;

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