Children do not have a full grown immunity and that makes them more easily subjected to many diseases. The Scarlet Fever is one of the most severe illnesses. It is followed by discomfort, itches and rashes. The cure may not be far away. In the following, we will show you how to keep the children healthy.

Children get inflicted by Scarlet Fever through the Streptococcus bacteria that encourages the toxins to attacks the organism. If these bacteria are present in the child’s body, it will be likely affected by Scarlet Fever. It will cause rashes on the skin that look like sunburn and they appear on the back, face, chest and neck. If it is not treated, it will spread more in 6 days and it will show these symptoms: swollen neck glands, itchy skin, sore throat, flushed face and red rash.

Because it’s contagious, this disease should be handled with care and safety. While fighting the disease, make sure there are no people in the child’s presence. Separate the skincare products, toothbrushes and other supplies that are used by the child. You’ll need a persistent 10day antibiotic treatment and stick to the therapy until it is finished and one another day without medications so you will see if it relapses.

If you do not treat the disease, the consequences can damage the health and lead to kidney problems. Instead of taking painkillers you can use natural solutions. Try to use apple cider vinegar as it prevents soreness and alleviates tenderness in the throat.  Mix it with cayenne pepper to get the most of the remedy. The apple cider vinegar prevents and cures infections and treats burn wounds.

Other ingredients that can help you with this disease are mint, raspberry leaves and honey. Mix them with hot water and take two to three drops a day. Vapor and water inhalation can soothe the throat by preventing infections and clearing the airways. You can also add lavender oil (few drops) to reduce the inflammation.

The lavender oil is powerful agent against viruses and it is rich in property linalool that can calm down the rashes of the Scarlet Fever. Mix base oil like almond or olive oil with the lavender oil and apply it on the rashes. The child shouldn’t scratch the itchy parts as it can worsen the rash. The sore throat can be reduces by consuming soft food products, teas and hot soups which will hydrate the body and enable it to get rid of the toxins. Keep a healthy environment and keep the children away from smoking areas.

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