When we process the food, either by cutting and throwing away the parts or we cook it, we are actually losing a lot of nature’s gifts. When the food is cooking, its building blocks are exposed to a lot of heat, and this breaks down the bond in the molecules and loses all its benefits.

Potatoes are a tasty ingredient all around the world. But some people peel the skin and throw it away. That is so wrong, because the potato peel contains enough vitamin C to cover a large percentage of the daily vitamin C requirement and to improve skin texture. This is only in one potato.
The after peeling off-white flesh comes packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants and valuable benefits that are more effective than anything else. Few of the foods are able to remove cancer from infected cells, clean the body from harmful toxins and to lower the blood pressure that is caused by clogged blood cells, and still to taste good. These foods can be found in many restaurant menus.

Shocking – This Juice Treat Diabetes, Gastritis, Kills Cancer Cells, And Lowers Blood Pressure!

There is a lot of research conducted to demystify the abilities of the potatoes to cure and all of the findings point that it is very important to consume potatoes, but mostly raw. According some tests, prepared on lab rats, it showed that it can repress the growth of the tumor if it is properly administered. These are some of the benefits of drinking squeezed potato juice and eating potatoes:

-Flashing the harmful toxins of the body, immunity enhancement, recovering from skin diseases, combat cancer, relief from gastritis and stomach illnesses, kidney ailments, regulation of the blood sugar, liver infections, fights to prevent heart muscle and blood vessels conditions and it is rich in nutrients.

According some researchers, potato juice can regulate the body and heal ailments but it is recommended to drink small amounts of it before meal.
Here is the recipe and how you can prepare potato juice from your home and get all the health benefits that have been healing many people in the past:

Firstly, clean the potatoes of any dirt with clean water and if there are any growing seeds or roots on the surface, cut them off.
Then you need to peel them and remove any green layers and then cut them into slices.
After that place the slices in a juicer and proceed to extract the juice. If you cannot access the juices, use a dry cloth to squeeze the juice out.

Try to consume the juice fresh and if you don’t like the taste you can mix it with some pure apple juice. You will the best of potatoes if you maintain healthy ingredients.
After you peel the potatoes, don’t throw away the peels because they have a lot of use.
Peels are anti-septic and could be very efficient in removing skin blemishes. Rub the peels on the acne area and the juice from the peels will clean your pores from the inside out.  If you want you can make a facial mask that will leave you moisturized, tight and rejuvenated and the peel’s fluids will infuse deeply into your skin, heal it and push out the toxins from your face.

Do not throw away the potato peels the next time you will use potatoes as you know how great they are for your skin. You should also know that you shouldn’t use skin that contains green from young potatoes. Try to include this juice into your routine as it is an amazing immune booster.

Source > timefornaturalhealthcare.com