The symbol of beauty and femininity is hair. Anyway, the usage of chemical treatments, improper care and hair straightness devices can make your hair dry, brittle, damaged and without shine. All these factors including stress are changing your body, which can lead to hair loss.

Today we will present you an amazing homemade shampoo that restores freshness and beauty to your hair and reduces hair loss. It’s very effective and super easy to prepare. We guarantee that you will notice the benefits immediately, your hair will be much stronger and shinier. If you use this wonderful shampoo for 2 months, you will get more volume of your hair too.

hair loss


  • Nettle shampoo 1L
  • Nettle drops 30 ml
  • Panthenol 100 ml
  • Castor oil 50 ml
  • AD drops 30 ml
  • 2 Vitamin B ampoules


Simply mix everything together and your shampoo is ready. This will be nutrient bomb for your skin on your head and hair.

Let’s talk a little about the ingredients and their benefits.

Nettle will accelerate the blood supply and circulation of the scalp, which will accelerate the metabolic processes in the skin.

Panthenol acid stimulates regenerative processes and preserves correct function of the skin on your scalp.

Castor oil has the ability to strengthen hairs’ nerves and contains a lot of vitamin E, which is very important antioxidant. The oil also destroys fungi responsible for creating dandruff, removes dead skin cells, protects the skin of the scalp and stimulates hair growth.

AD drops also regenerate the scalp.

Vitamin B is feeding your hair and restores its firmness.



This shampoo is very liquid, so you will have to shake it good before use. Pour from the shampoo into your hand and apply it on the hair. Scrub your head until the shampoo becomes foamy. Let it stay on your head for a few minutes and then rinse it. If your hair is dry, you can use some mask.