A man has been diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension 4 years ago, a after that he decided to look for cure in nature and he had a success in this.
He accidentally found out that he had diabetes as he was felt thirsty most of the time, and after his blood tests, the results showed that the sugar was soaring. He was given insulin therapy, instantly and he started to work out, as well.

But none of this improved his health, it only got worse. Then, he decided to start a new life chapter. After watching the “The Edge of Science” show, where Dr. J. Zirdum consumed only raw foods for twelve years, he decided to give it a try.

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As a first thing that he has done was buying a blender. With numerous temptations, the 1st week was the hardest but he got through it and the blood sugar level dropped.
Then, he stopped taking insulin as this method could not raise the levels of blood sugar. He also started to lose weight and he lost 25 pounds in less than month and this didn’t stop there. He lost more than 50 pounds in four months the levels of triglyceride were 1.4 and the blood pressure 120/70. This made him a completely new person. He had never felt happier or healthier and he no longer too medications.

Here is the recipe for the juice:

Needed ingredients:

-Five bananas;
-Two apples;
-Two kiwis;
-Kale (a handful)


Place all of the ingredients in the blender and blend it well. Then, mix it with ½ l of water. Half of the juice should be consumed in the morning and the rest of it, throughout the day.

This regiment requires eating a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit. You can also add tuna, as it is rich in vitamin B12, which is one of the most important vitamins for proper function of the body.

Source > healthyfoodteam.com