The bone connections are formed by the joints and they provide support and they help you move. Damages from injury or disease can interfere the movement and it can cause a lot of pain. It may be related to muscle pain, bursitis and arthritis.
The pain in the joints can be mild and it can cause soreness after some activities or it can be severe and make limited movement extremely painful.

The following treatment is one of the more effective ones for arthritis. You can make it at home with humble cayenne.

You will need:

-One tbs. – cayenne pepper;
-Quarter cup – olive oil (warm);


Add the cayenne pepper in the warm olive oil and apply it on the painful area and leave it for fifteen minutes. Then, rinse the joint with warm water. After the first application you will feel better but use it two to three times a day for better results until the pain is gone.

The capsaicin depletes a substance P (neurotransmitter) which sends the signals of pain to the brain. if it is blocked, a person will never feel that something is hurting.

A burning sensation after the first application is completely normal. Use it with caution if you have sensitive skin. You should wear gloves while making it and avoid contact with the eyes. Don’t apply it on wounds or open skin.

Seek for medical help if you have a fever that isn’t associated with flu symptoms or you’ve lost ten pounds or more without trying. Also you should seek for medical help if the pain in the joints lasts more than three days or you have unexplained severe pain in the joints and swelling.

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