Baking soda is used for both culinary properties and its cleaning effects. It is affordable and simple to use and it offers many possibilities for solving the problems without using products rich in chemicals. Here are some of its useful applications:

-It alleviates bee stings

It is said that baking soda can help for bee or wasp stings. Even it is not scientifically backed up, the baking soda’s alkaline properties fight off the formic acid in the wound and help in the removal of foreign pollutant. For better results, apply mixture of water and baking soda after the stinger has been removed.

-It removes splinters

Mercola claims that a mixture of water and baking soda can act as drawing agent on the objects that are not wanted from the surface on the skin, like the splinters.

-Reduces sweating

Mixture of water and baking soda can stop the perspiration and the bad odors. It will maintain the armpit dryness like the powder deodorants do, but without chemicals.

-Soothing feet treatment

Three tbs. of baking soda and water are great mixture for soaking to relax the feet. For better results, massage your feet while they are soaked in this mixture. Also, you can put baking soda in the bath in order to get energized and relaxed body.

-It cools off the burns

This mixture that we have mentioned above can relieve sunburns. Just add half a cup of baking soda in the lukewarm water bath. Instead you dry with a towel, use air drying and the effect of the treatment will be stronger.

-Stomach and heartburn problems

This ingredient is great antacid and you can treat your sour stomach or heartburn with one glass of mixed two tsp. of baking soda and cold water, according to the Mayo Clinic. You should consult a physician before you start with this treatment.

-Shampoo boost

You should mix the shampoo with some baking soda in order to get a better effect of cleaning. It will make the hair shiner. If you soak the combs and brushed in the mixture of water and baking soda, you will degrease the hair when combed and after that, just rinse the hair.

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