The sciatic nerve runs from the lower spine to the feet and it provides us with strength and abilities that the body needs to function properly.
It is hard to pinpoint the pain in the sciatic nerve and it is difficult to relieve the sciatic pain as the nerve covers so much of the body. Sometimes it’s disguised as pain in the feet and legs, joint pain and lower back pain. The pain can be from dull ache to burning and sharp sensation.

This is a list that can make big impact on the sciatic nerve pain:


You shouldn’t underestimate the power of icing the injuries. Use tenser bandage or scarf to wrap an ice pack around the affected area. Hold it for fifteen to twenty minutes every one to two hours if it is possible. Put a paper towel or cloth between the ice and the skin so the skin won’t be burned.

*Warm up

After icing the area, you should apply warm compress. The heat penetrates deep and it reaches the sciatic nerve. The combination of hot and cold is triggering extra circulation.


It is great for sciatic pain as it targets the muscle and nerve pain. The thin needles promote circulation and energy flow by relieving the pinches and pressure of nerve pain.


Get a massage for the sciatic pain is it can increase the range of motion and drastically reduces the sciatic pain, according to the International Journal of Neuroscience. It also stimulates circulation that helps the natural healing process in the body.


Stretching can strengthen the large muscles, increase the circulation and blood flow and strengthen the accessory muscles.  When the body is strong, there is less chance to experience sciatic nerve pain. Stretching acts as a prevention and treatment strategy.

*Sit up straight

Sitting up straight and rolling the shoulders back is great for the circulation. Keeping this position can lower the chances of pinching a nerve.

Try putting a pillow under the knees when you sleep on the back, and between the knees when you sleep on side. It relives the pressure from the lower back.

Add these activities to the daily life and relieve the sciatic pain. The prevention is really important and that is why you shouldn’t wait for the pain to start but be active and use the list to avoid sciatic nerve pain.

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