The body hair’s purpose is to protect the skin from external damage but many women found it troubling especially on the underarms and face. Women try different methods to remove hair and sometimes they do not get the wanted results. For this reason, we will present you a remedy that can help you eliminate the hair.

It is a turmeric paste, and here is how to make it:

Needed ingredients:

-Half a cup of turmeric powder;
-Warm water;


Combine the ingredients to get a thick paste and apply it on the armpits and let it stay for twenty to thirty minutes. Then, wash the area off with a towel and warm water. Pat dry the skin at the end to make sure that the hair are removed.

-You can also use a remedy made of water and baking soda. Mix them into a thick paste and apply it on underarms before going to bed and let it stay overnight. Wash the area with warm water in the next morning and apply moisturizer as the skin can be dry.

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