There is nothing good about a menstrual period. Luckily, there are ways that will help you to make it less painful. The following 6 tips will help you to reduce the agony until Mother Nature releases your uterus from the menstrual cycle.


1. Do some Yoga

We know that physical activity is the last thing on your mind, but it can help you to reduce the menstrual pain. Some types of yoga can help you relieve cramps and menstrual symptoms. According to Yoga Point, Tiger pose, Cat pose, and gentle backbends are beneficial for your condition. The deep breathing in yoga is also helpful because of its relaxation effects.  Since the tension increases pain, relaxing your body with gentle yoga poses and deep breathe will help to ignore the deep pain that you feel in your lower half of the body.

2. Lose the Caffeine

Tension is increased when your body is dehydrated. Caffeine dehydrates your body, which results with menstrual cramps. If you are used to caffeine, you will experience headaches when you stop consuming it. The best for you to avoid headaches is to lower the daily dose of caffeine couple of days before menstrual period. Those who are crave for caffeine drink should replace it with more water.

3. Try Herbal Products

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center Black cohosh extract, Chaste tree tea, Cramp bark extract, Turmeric extract, and Evening Primrose oil can relief the menstrual pain.

4. Aromatherapy Massage

Good aromatherapy massage with the calming effects of essential oils can bring you wonderful relief from the pain you experience. Use the menstrual period as an excuse to book yourself for an aromatherapy massage and get rid of the tension in the lower back from the cramps.

5. Heat

Heat soothes muscle pain after exercise. It also soothes menstrual cramps. Try to spend time in sauna or put a hot water bottle or heating pad on the belly. Soaking your body in warm water will also help.

6. Get Moving

Always go for a walk when your cramps have you down. You don’t have to push yourself and run a marathon, but a walk in the park or a dip in the pool will be very beneficial for you. Be sure to keep yourself occupied with any kind of light exercise to keep you distracted from the pain you experience.