Knowing to recognize the signs of liver disease may save your life. The liver is the largest inside organ and the largest inside gland which you have in the body. In a healthy adult, the normal liver is weighting between 3-3.5 pounds and is playing crucial role in the multiple significant body functions.

Liver’s Functions

Following is a short summary of the lover’s work:

  • It’s detoxifying the blood, filtering out possible damaging and unwanted substances, as alcohol and drugs.
  • It’s producing bile to help digestion
  • It’s storing some of the vitamins and iron in the body
  • It’s storing glucose
  • It’s converting glucose into sugar, which the body could use when the sugar levels are depleting
  • It’s processing insulin, hemoglobin and many other hormones
  • It’s converting ammonia in urea (an important ingredient for good metabolism)
  • It’s eliminating old red blood cells that are producing fecal matter that normally has brown color.

The Causes of Liver Disease

Liver disease can turn out in a numerous different ways.

  • Its cells could be inflamed (as with hepatitis)
  • The bile passage can become obstructed (as in cholestasis)
  • The cholesterol build up can occur
  • The blood flow to the liver may be harmed
  • The liver’s tissue can be damaged by toxins

liver disease symptoms

Alcohol Abuse and Cirrhosis of the Liver

In North America, the most often cause of liver disease is the alcohol abuse. The ending stage of liver disease, better known as cirrhosis of liver, is responsible for about 25 000 deaths per year.

Signs of Liver Disease

The most common signs of liver disease are including:

  • Black circles under the eyes
  • Bad breath
  • Coated tongue
  • Brown blemishes on the skin
  • Bad odor of the body
  • Discolored stool
  • Flushed facial occurrence
  • Soles of feet and inflamed palms
  • Swollen eyeballs
  • Nausea
  • Jaundice, the skin yellowing that can be demonstrated in the whites of the eyes
  • Pain that is felt in the upmost right hand quadrant of abdomen
  • Increased affinity to perspire extremely


Source: LivingTraditionally