Not so long ago, a lot of fake rice was confiscated and it was not known from where it came from. It was made with plastic which is definitely not good for our health. They found differences in the aroma and they decided to cook it. The rice smelled bad and became sticky and when it was sent to analyses, it was found that the main component is a plastic.

At this time, it wasn’t known if there was more rice like this distributed in the world. It was speculated that it comes from China. Nothing was known more about this fake rice for some time.

Recently, the alarm has return in countries in Latin America, like Colombia and Mexico. It also happened in Argentina, Cost Rica and Panama, but the rumors were rejected.

When there isn’t enough information, it could be difficult to recognize it.

Here are some existing information that could help you:

-It is similar to the real one, but whiter;
-Its color would remain intense when it is cooked;
-Its texture would be strange and sticky;
-It has chemical aroma;
-It could dismess aroma like burnt when cooked;
BBC reported about confiscated shipments in Nigeria that came in bags of the “Rice better tomato” brand;

Experts warn that the mark isn’t a guarantee. It is safer to consume locally produced and organic which you will know where it comes from.

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