The negative energy can affect prosperity, relationships and health as well as stagnate the environment at home. You’ve been brought up to believe in things that you can verify and understand. Some rituals and remedies can’t be comprehended by the rational mind and they are a real challenge to logic. In the following you will read about how lemon can neutralize the negative energy, restore harmony and improve the economy. Lemon has many benefits, not just for the beauty and health, but also for the energy.

The unmistakable aroma of the citrus should always get a place in your life and environments. Its presence decrease negative energy as an irreplaceable ally. You only need green lemons.

There are many ways that you can use lemons neutralizing power.
Put Lemons Cut On The Nightstand, Believe It Or Not This Trick Will Change Your Life Forever!

-The simpliest way is to place three lemons in different places of the house. Replace and discard them when they become yellow or black.

-Boil the peel in rainwater to get the benefits of the vapors. If you find a small one you get it as an amulet. However, lemon eliminates the negative energy and it is safe and quiet as bad waves won’t affect you.

-You can also put nine lemons in clay or ceramic fret or a basket above the refrigerator on a rice bed. Put around eight lemons and one in the center, for wealth.

– Put three lemons in a desk drawer or in your purse against envies at your job in order to keep a balance.

-Make an atomizer spray-water with juice of lemon and spray around the house especially in the corners as it helps to change the bad energy.

– In order to attract love, put three lemons in a glass vase or a bowl on your night table and you should change the lemons when they turn yellow or black.

– Put a lemon that you’ve made a cross on it in a plate in order to clean the negative vibes that have been absorbed during the day. Put a circle of salt around the lemon and put it under the bed before sleeping. If you can’t get under the bed, out the dish aside, in the floor or the wall. Don’t touch the lemon the next day, just put it in one bag (plastic) and get it away from your home. Repeat this method three days in a row and you will see an improvement. You can also put a lemon in your pocket of the pants, jacket or something else and get it out at night and you will see the lemon dry. Get rid of it and the next day get another one that will absorb the negative energy that is all around you.

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