It is totally natural thing to have wax in the ears. That is how our body prevents the bacteria, the dirt and the dust to come into our ears. Many people think that the wax in the ears is unnecessary grease and dirt and it has to be removed every day so people use cotton swab. But unfortunately, cotton swab do not clean the ear wax but it pushes it deeper in the inner ear part, together with the bacteria.

There are few people who know that the ear cleans its excess wax by itself. If that does not occur, you can experience pain in the ears, damage of hearing, problems with the sinuses, headaches and even dizziness.

Put 1 Drop Of Alcohol And Vinegar In Your Ear And Hold 1 Minute: The Amazing Effect Will Take Your Breath Away!

Fortunately one doctor has a solution for this. Doctor David Hill, advises to take some alcohol and vinegar in the same amounts (equal), mix them and then drip it into the ear. Keep the head in the supine position for 1 minute and then lift it up so you will let the liquid to drain.

This amazing mixture can help you to relieve from the aforementioned symptoms because it unblocks the wax and drives it out. That is how your ears are released from the annoying occurrence.

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