The plant called Moringa oleifera grows in S. Asia and it is a part of the traditional medicine. It is also called ‘drumstick’. It is powerful bioactive plant which contains antioxidants. The health benefits of the plant were confirmed by the scientific community, but is still has to be discovered and studied.
It is rich in many vitamins and minerals and its leaves had more nutrients than the pods. One cup of pods offers 15 percent of the RDA of Vitamin C, 19 percent of RDA of Vitamin B6, 9 percent of vitamin A, 11 percent of Vitamin B2, 2 grams of proteins, 11 percent of iron and 8 percent of magnesium. In the West, the leaves can be found as dietary supplement but the best way is to grow it at your home and enjoy in its benefits.

*Stronger bones*

Moringa oleifera consumption helps improve the bone density. It is rich in calcium and iron which prevents bone density loss and strengthens the bones. You should give it to growing kids for better growth of the bones and for stronger bones and it also boosts the physical stamina.

*Anti-cancer properties*

It is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and prevent cancer development. It has quercetin and chlorogenic acid, antioxidants that negate the free radical activity. Its anti-cancer properties prevent the tumor development and cancerous cell growth.

*Relieves headaches*

The root of the plant can be also used to get relief from headaches. Extract the juice from the root and mix it and jiggery in equal amounts and consume it. The ache will be gone immediately.

*Treats eye issues*

It helps in eye issues like conjunctivitis. Take some leaves and grind them. Apply the paste on the eyes or mix it with some honey and apply the mixture as eyeliner in order to cure eye swelling ot corneal disorders.

*Lowers blood sugar*

Diabetics and those who cannot keep the levels of blood sugar under control should use this plant as a natural way to manage the diabetes. If the levels remain uncontrollable for longer period of time, it can increase the risk of many health conditions like heart disease. It has been shown by many studies that this plant has positive effects in lowering the levels of blood sugar. Most of the studies are conducted on animals but there are also based on humans. One study involved thirty women and they were given 7 grams of leaf-powder daily for 3 months and they reduced the levels of blood sugar by 13.5 percent.

*Purify the blood*

The pods and the leaves are great in blood purifying. You can prepare a soup that can fight some skin issues like acne. The juice can be applied on pimples or acne and heal them faster because of its antibiotic properties.

*Anti-aging food*

The high vitamin A levels help in inhibiting the process of aging. It strengthens the immune system and improves the vision.

Many people do not know about this plant. Add it to your diet and you will recognize great changes in your health.

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