The following recipe needs just three ingredients that can achieve an excellent effect. It is popular as it very easy to make and gives amazing results.
At first, boil 800 milliliters of water and when in reaches the boiling point out it away and add bay leaves. Then, add one tbs. green tea and one cinnamon stick. Cover with a lid and leave it for fifteen minutes. Then, strain. Drink it at least three cups a day.

Take the 1st glass before your breakfast. Take the 2nd right after the breakfast and the 3rd before going to sleep.
It is excellent drink as it triggers the weight loss on the crucial points in the body such as buttocks, stomach and thighs.
You will notice the results after one week.

*Green Tea Tonic – with spices*

This drink is a power-health bomb. You can use it all the time especially when you need a refreshment and nutrient refill and even when you have a cold.

The cinnamon controls the health levels of blood sugar and the turmeric is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Needed ingredients:

-One bag- green tea;
-1/4 teaspoon- turmeric;
-1/4 teaspoon- cinnamon;
-Eight ounces- purified almost boiling water

Put the ingredients in a mug or teacup and pour the hot water. Leave it for fifteen minutes and remove the bag. Stir nicely so everything can dissolve. The cayenne pepper to green tea speeds up the metabolism. Also, the ginger and ginseng mixed in this beverage can give you quick energy.

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