Millions of people are moving more because of the Pokémon Go but is it really enough just to play to lose weight? It turns out that you would have to play a lot if you want to see real results.

In the following video from the YouTube channel “Picture Fit” you can see how many calories you will burn when chasing the Pikachu silhouette.

When you play, you burn around hundred calories per mile. Let’s put it in terms that everyone who is playing the game will understand. You hatch Pokémon from eggs that you collect them at PokéStops. Then run or walk for certain distance in order to hatch them. Hatching a 2.0km egg burns about 120 cal. and that means you would have to hatch thirty 2.o km eggs just to lose 1 pound.

Also, the stoppings to catch pokémon and to collect the PokéStops items are slowing down the whole process.  That is why, a regular walk without the phone around office or the park is better solution for you in the long run. But, for sure this game is still a positive thing that provides a motivation to people who were not doing any walking at all. And a little walking is way more better that no walking. If you are interested in using Pokémon Go for losing weight, you might need to kick the things up a notch.

This is the video:

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