The coffee is one of the most enjoyed drinks in the morning throughout the world. It boosts the levels of energy and prepares you for the day. It is packed with amounts of health benefits like it protects the heart and improves the metabolism.

But, many people know that this amazing drink can be a powerful fat burner just by adding some ingredients like honey, cinnamon and coconut oil. With the mixture of these ingredients and the coffee you can lose few pounds without any lifestyle or dietary changes.

This is why this combination is so powerful:

-The cinnamon provides many health benefits and it has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the body’s inflammatory processes. It is also rich in antioxidants that neutralize the free radical’s negative effects. It reduces the levels of blood sugar, supports the sugar breakdown and prevents fat buildup in the body. The most popular types of cinnamon are Cassia and Ceylon.

-The coconut oil is consisted of medium-chain fatty acids that the digestive system sends to the liver, immediately and if they aren’t turned into energy, they’re turned into keton bodies (not stored as fat). Coconut oil naturally sets the metabolism to efficiently burn fat.

-The honey is a natural sugar that is needed for energy for the body. It has many important minerals like phosphorus, potassium, calcium, zinc, iron and sodium.  It also contains vitamin B6, riboflavin, vitamin C, folate and niacin. It regulates the levels of blood cholesterol and reduces the stress. The process of fat burning depends on vitamins and minerals and this is where the honey steps in. Honey provides essential nutrients and it prevents any vitamin or mineral deficiency. The healthiest honey is the raw unpasteurized one.

Needed ingredients:

-Half cup of honey;
-3/4 cup of coconut oil;
-One teaspoon of cinnamon;
-One teaspoon of cocoa, but this is optional;


Mix all of the ingredients so you can get paste and store it in a glass jar. Keep it in the fridge.


Add one to two tsp. in a cup of coffee (freshly brewed), stir well and enjoy in it.

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