The Okra or Hibiscus esculentus, is a kind of veggie which originates from Egypt and it is used for many years because of its health benefits.  It has slimy texture and it is used fermented, boiled and fried.

One of its benefits is that it provides positive effects on nephropathy (kidney disease), and this was confirmed by a study from 2005 conducted by Jilin Medical Journal. It lasted for 6 months and there were two groups tested, one was given traditional therapies and the other was given Okra. The study showed that the group who was given Okra has decreased the uric acid and urine protein.

Another study showed that Okra can prevent heart disease as it has powerful antioxidant. It showed that it is comparable to silymarin and milk thistle in terms of hepaprotective and antioxidants.
It was confirmed that Okra is great against diabetes. It was tested on mice and it showed that the extract of Okra can normalize the levels of blood sugar and the lipid profile in mice.

The Okra has anticancer properties and it is known to help in the treatment of breast cancer. It was found by researchers that its content of lectin (membrane binding protein) is capable of pushing the death of breast cancer cells in human.

Okra can also fight against depression. It was stated that the extract of Okra seed can act as antidepressants and mood lifter agents. The main reason is the content of phenol and flavonoids.

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