After Thiomersal was linked with many harmful effects to human health, it was removed from vaccines that are made these days. However, the problem is still present, because it seems that aluminum is going through the same path as mercury. Aluminum is also linked with some health issues like autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and many more, according to Dr. Shaw. Below you will see a video of Dr. Shaw, explaining the dangers from using aluminum as an adjuvant into the vaccines.  As he pointed out in the clip, many doctors are arguing about aluminum and its presence around people.

aluminum adjuvants

Aluminum is everywhere around us, we ingest it through our food, and then via vaccines. According to Dr. Shaw, the problem is that aluminum stays in our body, when we got it with vaccine, because it is designed to work like that. Adjuvant’s purpose is to stay in the body. On the other side, when we consume aluminum via food it is usually flushed out from our body, which is a good thing.  That’s why scientists should reconsider using aluminum as adjuvant.

The video below is a part of the documentary “One More Girl”, in which, Dr. Shaw is having appearance. This movie raised the awareness of HPV vaccine. Don’t you think that there is a reason why the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program pays billions of dollars to all families with injured children from vaccines? Yes, this is a program that most of the people never heard about, because the vaccine manufacturers want to protect themselves from any liability.

Dr. Shaw said that aluminum is an experimental neurotoxin that is the most common adjuvant in vaccines. Aluminum adjuvant is spread in the last 90 years. There are a lot of concerns about the pharmacokinetics of the ingredients and their toxicity. However, it appears that aluminum is widely accepted in the world.

Source: CollectiveEvolution