Black pepper oil is very rich in lot of helpful vitamins and minerals. It has beta carotene (vitamin A) that has benefits for the ocular health and antioxidant properties, and vitamin K that keeps proper metabolic and circulatory functions, bones and muscles.
It also has selenium, potassium and calcium. Selenium is needed for formation of the nails, bones, proper functioning of the brain and proper formation of teeth and hair follicles.
In the following you can read about four homemade recipes that can hydrate the skin.

Pepper and yogurt exfoliating mixture

For this recipe you will need 2 spoons of yogurt and 1 tbs. of black pepper. Mix it until you get a paste. Apply it on your skin and rub it in circular motions for few minutes and you only need to wash it with cold water.
It will clean your skin, remove the scars and blemishes and it gives shine to your skin.

Mix These 2 Ingredients and See What Happens To Your Skin After Several Minutes!

Honey and pepper mask to fight acne


-½ tsp. of black pepper;
-Foam of egg white;
-1tbs. of honey

Mix all the ingredients, apply the mixture on your face and leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then wash it off. This amazing mask will clean your skin from acne and pimples.

Pepper essential oil to fight cellulite

For this recipe you will need three to four drops of black pepper oil and 100 milliliters of body cream. Add the drops in the body cream and mix it. Rub it on your cellulite area every morning and evening.

Body oil for cellulite


-Two tbs. of almond oil;
-Two tbs. of grape seed oil/sesame oil;
-Four drops of black pepper essential oil

You should mix the ingredients and rub it on the problematic area after bathing two times a day. This will boost the skin elasticity and skin tone and in the same time reduce the fat deposits and cellulite.

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