Marijuana Compound Found Superior to Drugs for Alzheimer’s!

An exceptional studies published in Molecular Pharmacology journal, in 2006 have found that the marijuana plant consist admixture with two therapeutic substances perfect for memory problems symptom  and brain plaque the main cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

Marijuana Compound Found Superior to Drugs for Alzheimer’s!

The studies has shown that psychoactive inherent of marijuana and Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are competitively inhibiting the enzyme acetylcholinesterase as well as preventing Ache-induced amyloid β-peptide aggregation.

Firstly, THC’s capacity of inhibition of Ache enzyme is clashing the method of activity behind many Alzheimer’s drugs that can be found on the market nowadays. Some drugs, for example, like donepezil with its trade name: Aricept, by addressing and obstructing a brain enzyme called acetylcholinesterase are resulting with increasing the brain neurotransmitter levels that in turn is resulting with symptom reduction of improving memory.

Therefore, donepezil is riddling a controversy owed with seizures that are reflecting with an intrinsic neurotoxicity. The chemical is very close even similar and in the mail class of chemicals as venom is, and insecticide the war agents like nerve gas.

Secondly, THC’s has an ability of preventing an acetylcholinesterase-combined amyloid β-peptide aggregation as indication that it may note by the researchers. Indeed, they found that the THC is an appreciably superior aggregation inhibitor compering to a currently accepted drugs that are prescribed for Alzheimer’s disease treatment that molecules of cannabinoid are directly impacting the progress of this disease.

An interesting about this research is what the researches are describing as “remarkable” is the fact that THC has much more effect as an Ache inhibitor that is induced of Aβ deposit and the accepted drugs for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, taurine and donepezil that is reducing aggregation of 7% and 22%, correspondingly, two times the concentration that has been used in the studies.

Of course, THC is the only one from the long list of cannabinoids that are in the plant marijuana. However, we are already familiar with a lot of the neuro-properties information of marijuana admixture there is an extensive body of biomedical and chemical researches that indicates the value of the medicine of marijuana plant in more than 150 health conditions.