The coconut oil has many uses, for example, for cooking, health and beauty. There are many reasons why you need to use this amazing oil and some of them are:

-For cellulite: It is great for women. You need honey and coconut and mix them. Apply the mixture on the skin, before going to sleep and repeat for few weeks.

-For nourished skin: Apply coconut every night, before going to sleep and nourish the skin. It will provide elasticity for the skin.

-For varicose veins: Apply it on a daily basis to cure varicose veins.

-For softer cuticles: Massage the fingers and nails with the oil to have smooth hands.

-As a shaving cream: It is natural and great for gentle parts and armpits as it soothes the skin and smells amazing.

-For eyelashes: Coconut oil is ideal for those who wear makeup. Just apply it on the lashes and there will be no hair loss and breakage of lashes.

-As a hand cream: Coconut oil is perfect for the hands as it smooth the skin.

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