Bad posture, poor quality shoes can cause pain in the joints and ankles which is a disease that affects many people. It can become very intense, so you need to avoid some daily activities. If you suffer from sore joints or knees, pay attention to the following remedy with is natural and can eliminate these ailments permanently.

Sometimes these ailments are caused because of being obese or overweight, so if this is a case with you, you should lower some weight. Here is the recipe for this amazing shake which is natural and helps you treat sore joints and knees:

Needed ingredients:

-One cup of oat flakes;
-One cup of orange juice (natural);
-A spoonful (small) of cinnamon;
-One cup of water;
-Two cups of chopped pineapple into squares;
-Half a cup of almonds (crushed);
-Some honey;

Put the water and oats in a pot and cook them. Turn off the heat and leave it to cool. Strain it and add the oats in a blender with all of the ingredients. Blend the mixture and if it is too thick, add a little more water.  Consume it cold. It will help you get rid of the knee and joint pain and the results will be noticeable in few days.

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