The garlic has been used for hundred years for its medicinal properties. It comes with numerous benefits to our health. It can eliminate many diseases and we’ll mention some of them:

-Mycobacterium tuberculosis and clostridium infection;
-Viral infections like herpes simples (1 and 2), parainfluenza virus type 3, vesicular stomatitis virus, human rhinovirus type 2 and vaccinia virus;
-Pseudomonas Aerigonosima;
-Cytomegalovirus infection;
-streptococcus infection (type B);
-mycotoxy linked alfatoxicosis;
-HIV 1 infection;
-Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA);
-vibrio infection;
-klebsiella infection;
-helicobacter pylori infection;
-candida or yeast infection;
-excessive fungal growth in the oral cavity;

This is a limited number of problems that garlic can get rid of thanks to the strong properties to eliminate the infection. It can be used to heal and prevent cancer. Hippocrates recommended consuming large amounts of crushed garlic to cure cancer. You have to consume at least 6 crushed garlic cloves on a daily basis. Make sure you leave the crushed cloves about fifteen minutes as in that period it will release the allinase, the most important enzyme. This enzyme is responsible for the anti-cancer compound and substance production.

You can consume raw or cooked garlic in salads, sandwiches or other dishes. Garlic is present in numerous scientific studies. It is very important ingredient in the case of treatment and preventing over 100 health conditions like DNA damage, liver problems, mercury poisoning, plaque accumulation in the arteries, cancer and diabetes. A research has shown that it provides in over 150 disease symptoms and signs or health issues but most of the studies have focused on the effects that garlic has over cardiovascular disease and cancers, the most common reasons for fatalities on this planet.

Garlic is a powerful vegetable that comes with numerous benefits to our health.  The database “MEDLINE” of the National Library of Medicine includes over 4000 study abstracts that are dedicated to this amazing vegetable. The tasty, tested, completely natural and low-cost remedies and spices like garlic can save our lives and that is the reason people used and valued it so much in the past.

Even many people know all of the benefits of garlic and other healthy foods but the doctors are still prescribing to us pharmaceutical drugs. But, this is not the reason why you shouldn’t try to help yourself with natural remedies including fruits, spices, vegetables like garlic, etc.

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