There are numerous remedies for almost any disease and the easiest thing to do is to take pills and improve the condition of our feet, neck, knee, bones and joints. Instead of that, it is way much better to try natural alternatives.

The following remedy uses gelatin and its positive results should occur within several weeks. But, you have to find a good-quality food gelatin as there are many with sugar or flavors added. Add one tsp. of it to a glass of water and consume it before you go to sleep.

Instead of water, you can use yogurt or fresh juice. As you stir, the liquid thickens in the gelatin and you can use a spoon if it’s too thick. You can also consume it with milk and cereals. Take this dose two times per day if you deal with rheumatism problems or other severe ailments. The pain will be eliminated quickly. The treatments with gelatin usually last for four to six weeks.

It is great for older people and people with difficulty moving. Gelatin is an animal product and it’s obtained through the collagen’s hydrolysis. It is consumed through foods like gummy candy, dairy, meat and jellies. It is found as E441.

The production of collagen is affected by the aging and microfibers in our body become interconnected. This is leading to reduced flexibility and it makes the older people to have trouble moving.

These are some of the gelatin’s benefits:

-It stimulates the nail growth and makes the nails stronger;
-It provides better elasticity of the body and skin and it removes the visible skin aging;
-It improves sleeping;
– It boosts the metabolism, reduces the cellulite appearance and relieves allergies;
-It helps against the rheumatism problems;

The gelatin is usually obtained from cattle and pigs and this information should be on the labels.

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