For those one who like to eat one teaspoon raw honey every morning this recipe can be a perfect refreshment. The procedure is very simple. If you have ever made herbal tinctures this is already half a work done for you! This is how to make cinnamon – infused honey:

There are two preparation methods. The first one is very organic, and by saying that we mean it keeps all its nutritional benefits and the second one may lose some of the honey’s nutria benefits. However, the both honey recipes are so tasty and good for your metabolism.

In this preparation of honey and cinnamon infusion, we personally recommend you to use Ceylon cinnamon, but if you don’t have one you can also use Cassia cinnamon. Cassia is a single roll, and Ceylon is kind of a soft with layers which peel apart.  The reason we prefer Ceylon is because Cassia can possibly detriment your liver.

How to Make Cinnamon – Infused Honey!

First recipe: NO HEAT METHOD

You will need about 15 cinnamon sticks or about 3 spoon of cinnamon powder in one quart of Mason jar. First, fill the jar with ½ inch honey. Din and tap around the sides for removing any possible air bubbles that can appear and then tight the cap. Shake the jar gently once a day to move the cinnamon and honey to mix each other. Leave the jar of at least 1 month to make a good infusion and make it perfect for consumption. Put the jar in a dark place or some cupboard where is comfortable for you to take it first in the morning before going to work of doing some morning exercises. If you used cinnamon sticks remove them after the infusion is made and store in a glass jar.


Take 15 cinnamon sticks and put them in a double boiler then cover them with honey (one quart) and put a cap on it then bring the water to a nice ferment. Leave it like that for two hours. In the end, remove the sticks form the honey and store it in a glass jar.