There are many people that suffer from sciatic pain and spend a lot of money for various medicines and different therapies, but without any positive results as this condition is hard to be cured.

However, there is a hope. Even though, sciatica could be really painful and devastating, there is almost never a case where the sciatic nerve is permanently damaged.

Furthermore, many people are able to win the battle with sciatica faster than they can even imagine with an appropriate treatment that lasts for 7 days only.

The main solution is to find a treatment that will heal the hidden causes of your pain.


Why the Conventional Sciatica Treatment Often Fail

If you visit a doctor for sciatica pain she /he will probably prescribe you some pain-killers. They may help you at that moment and could decrease inflammation.

But, these kind of drugs won’t solve the real cause of the issue. They will just alleviate your pain and will hide the issue mostly if you suffer from compressed or irritated nerve.

These things are the negative side of our modern medicine. The most terrible thing is that many people who suffer from sciatica for years, are constantly using medications.

Can Chiropractors Remove Sciatic Pain?

The Chiropractic manipulation is the most common treatment against sciatic pain. There is an evidence that this kind of treatment could slightly help with a short-term sciatica, but still, it isn’t proven that could help with sciatica.

There is also evidence that a sciatic manipulation could cause some serious health problems, which could result in losing the function in the lower back that is a condition called cauda equine syndrome. It could also cause sexual dysfunction and loss of bladder control.

This is the reason why this treatment isn’t recommended, as it isn’t proven as effective and is linked withcauda equine.

Are There Any Effective Sciatica Treatments?

As we already mentioned before, the conventional medicine can’t help with the sciatic pain, so the question is what actually can solve this problem?

There are so many natural treatments, such as tailored exercise programs, various home remedies, sleep therapies and many others. Lots of people have tried different alternative treatments and defeated the sciatic pain without using dangerous and expensive medicines.