A skin lumps (fatty tissue) or lipoma, is a condition of a fat cells’ growth in a thin. Lipoma is actually a fibrous capsule that is usually situated between the underlying muscle layer and the skin.

Lipomas are really small and movable. They have soft consistency, and do not cause any pain. Lipomas grow very slowly or they remain the same size.


Let’s make it clear – lipomas are not cancer and do not turn into cancer.

The causes of lipomas are unknown. It’s possible that they are result of some physical , i.e., a blow to that particular part of the body. Moreover, it is pretty unclear whether the trauma causes a skin limps to form or if the lipoma is discovered just as a result of a medical attention to that part of the body.

Lipomas are usually found on the upper thighs, upper arms, torso, armpits, and neck. They may occur almost on every part of the body.

Generally, a treatment is not necessary, but if the lipoma really bothers you, is growing or painful, you might want to remove it.

Homemade treatment

You can create a cream (ointment) using herbs and natural oils. Natural oils such as flax-seed and Neem (Azadirachtaindica) make an exceptional base for ointments. However, you may also experiment with a combination of some different oils and herbs.

In order to protect your skin you can use Neem oil. It’s commonly used in old Indian medicine for treating lipomas.

Flax-seed oil has exceptionally high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It can help you reduce inflammation.  It is recommendable to buy flaxseed oil, which is certified to be free of heavy metals, such as mercury and lead. While not a natural oil, the cooled green tea is a perfect alternative for a base. It’s high in antioxidants that help regulate blood fats and blood sugar.

You should massage the area with lipoma. That will help you to lower the pain.

Source: Health Expert Group