Nowadays there are many people that deal with diabetes and the number has been growing steadily for years. It represents a metabolic disease which is characterized by high blood sugar levels. This should concern not only those people who suffer from this condition but anyone who simply wants to stay healthy.

If a healthy person has high blood sugar levels for a long time, it can result in diabetes or something equally dangerous. Some of the symptoms of diabetes include feeling hungry all the time and gaining weight even when you’re not over eating. The risk factors that lead up to high blood sugar levels in women and men are; absence of exercise and an improper diet.
These are the symptoms that indicate you have high blood sugar levels: fatigue and infection, vision problems, unexplained weight gain, nerve issues, frequent urination, concentration and memory problems, slow wound healing, stomach problems, itchy and/or dry skin, hunger, thirst, impotence and dry mouth.

Reducing the levels of blood sugar with glycemic food

GI (glycemic index) starts from 0 to 100. It shows the amount of carbs in different foods that increase the levels of blood sugar. The high GI foods are processed faster than the low GI ingredients. If you look for a way to get rid of the blood sugar symptoms, you’ll need more low GI ingredients as they are able to reduce the levels of insulin. These foods are great for management of weight.
These are the foods: Cup of hummus (6), 1 egg (0), 1 yellow onion (mid-sized) (10), 1 cup of broccoli (10), 1 cup of cashew nuts (22), 1 cup of walnuts (15), 1 grapefruit (50), 1 cup of cherries (22), 1 cup of yogurt (23), 1 cup of butter beans (34), 1 turkey sausage (38), 1 cup of kidney beans (31), 1 cup of spaghetti (42), 8oz of tomato juice (38), 8oz of pineapple juice (46), 1 cup of orange (48), 1 carrot (47), 1 cup of peas (54), 1 banana (52). Each food that is between 0 and 54 on the GI scale is low GI ingredient.

-1 tbs. of honey (55), 1 cup of brown rice (55), 1 serv. Mac and cheese (64), 1 cup of oatmeal (58), 1 cup of white rice (64). These foods should be consumed moderately.

-2 cups of popcorn (72), 1 white bread slice (70), 1 rice cake (78), 1 glazed doughnut (76), 1 baked potato (85), 50gr of glucose (100), 1 serv. of corn flakes (92). You should eliminate these foods from the daily diet. They are found on the GI scale between 70 and100. Frequent intake of them can lead to numerous health issues.

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