Maybe this will sound disgusting and awkward at first but after in the following text you will see four reasons why urine is good for you.

The first reason is that you are actually saving the planet, that is because while you urinate in the shower you’ll save up to 27 % of the after flow because you don’t need to flush water in the toilet bowl.

The second reason is that it disinfects wounds. If you’re having scars or scratches, a fresh urine helps in disinfecting them. It will clean the wound, relax the tissue and relieve the pain. But in case your wound is more serious you must seek for medical and professional care.

The third reason is that urine is great for you to get rid of fungus because you can treat your foot’s fungal infection. You only have to apply urine on the affected skin.

The last reason is because urine helps in your skin care. You can treat eczema and rashes with urine as it contains ingredients that are the same as some skin oils and crèmes which regulate the skin’s pH levels.

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