In this article, we will present you an excellent Indian formula for growing the hair very fast.
It is an effective, simple and very easy recipe. You will need Aloe Vera leaves, vitamin E capsules, some castor oil and coconut oil.

At first you should cut the leaves into pieces, remove the thorns and slice them nicely from the center. Run a fork or knife through the gel to scrape the gel much faster.
Then, take the leaf and massage it on the scalp.
After that, you will need one tbs. of castor oil, two tbs. of coconut oil and one vitamin E capsule (pierce it with something pointy like needle). Mix them and place the mixture in a bowl with hot water. Do not place the oil directly in microwave or fire as it is very dangerous.

After 5 minutes the oil is ready for application. Use the fingers for massaging and do it for five minutes. After that, rest the head on a pillow. Start to massage the scalp again, while you are resting. This enhances the blood circulation. Two to three minutes are enough. Then, tie the hair up in tight braid. Store the mixture in a glass bottle and you can repeat the process four to five times per week. The hair growth will be increased for 45 to 55 percent and you will notice the difference very soon.GENERAL

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