Herbs often have culinary, relaxation and medicinal properties and it is good to have them in your home throughout the entire year. The good news is that we can do that. In the following we will present you how to grow some herbs in the kitchen. You don’t need to water the herbs regularly or change the soil and they’ll still be great.
You’ll need to sow dill, cilantro and mustard seeds in a soil and after that transfer them to water.
Put herb cuttings in bottles (glass) with plain water (spring, if possible). Do not use chlorinated water, because the bleaching chemicals can damage the tissues of the plant. Store some rainwater or leave tap water to air overnight.

For the herbs you should choose mason jar, glass bottle or plastic bottle. You should use colored bottles or at least you need to wrap a paper around the bottle because the roots shouldn’t be exposed to light. Darkness helps in avoiding of growth of algae on the root and on the bottle. Avoid tight-fitting or narrow-mouthed containers because the container’s mouth should support free air transition so the roots can breathe.

Pick soft root cuttings and put them in the containers. Cut the lower leaves because they may rot in the water and spoil the roots. Change the water one time per week for plants like rosemary. When the roots begin to grow, in two to six week, you don’t have to change the water. Place willow branches in warm water over night and use them as soothing hormone mixture, in order to stimulate the rooting.

These are ten herbs that you can grow in your home in water:

The rosemary cuttings need more time but the new ones will grow faster in the spring. You should keep it in a sunny place.

In the spring, take sage cuttings and place them in water. Place the container on light spot and well-aired place. It is prone to mildew.

It is rich in menthol that provides cool sensation on the tongue or skin and doesn’t change the temperature. This is the easiest herb to grow in water, just put fresh cuttings in water.

Take spring cuttings and place them in bright and warm place. It is great herb, the Russian one is used for salads, while the French one is good for culinary purposes.

It is very easy to grow it in water. Before they start flowering, place its cuttings in water in a sunny place.

The spearmint’s natural hybrid is the peppermint and it is very easy to be grown in water.

Take new and green cuttings in the early summer or mid-spring and place them in water. Spray the parts above the water to avoid drying. In order to boost branching, cut the stems as soon as it is grown.

You only have to place the cutting in water and follow the growing tips as the herb grows.

*Lemon balm*
Pick cuttings in fall or spring and place them in water. Place the container on bright place. After three to four weeks they will develop roots. You should change the water often. You can make tea from its leaves.

Place cuttings from the growing branches in water and place it on a warm and sunny spot. Stevia can be added to teas and beverages.

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