Water is essential element for our lives for many different reasons. For example, our body is composed of 50 to 70 percent water. It also regulates the temperature of the body, carries the nutrients and oxygen to the cells, dissolves the nutrients and minerals, aids digestion, protects the body tissues and organs, lubricates the joints, etc.

Water also increases the metabolism and helps in losing weight. A Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism’s study claims that if you drink 17 oz. of water, the metabolic rate will be increased by 30 percent in healthy women and men. The best effect has been reached thirty to forty minutes after the participants drank water.
In an another study, at the United Kingdom’s University of Birmingham, a twelve-week experiment was conducted on 84 adults who struggle with obesity, they were given basic advice for weight loss and were assigned to 1 of 2 groups. The 1st group needed to drink 16 oz. of water 30 minutes before their meals and the 2nd group were asked to imagine their full stomachs before meals.
The 1st group lost 3 pounds more than the 2nd. This is great news to everyone who wants to lose some pounds. But we should drink 6-10 cups of water every day, no matter what. Before we tell you more about the connection between weight loss and water intake, we will list some other health benefits of the water:

Here Is How Much Water Your Body Needs To Lose Weight!

-Water protects our heart and boosts the cognitive abilities. It also prevents headaches and helps keep us alert.

If you are in need to lose some extra pounds, the proper hydration needs to be the main factor. Even we have to nourish the body before and after any activity, we also need to intake the right water amount during the day. This is extremely important because the proper water intake can assure that the metabolism is operating at capacity and it will suppress the desire to overeat.

You need to be accurate with the water intake within reason. If you want you don’t have to measure the water intake, but it could be beneficial.

Here is the formula for calculating the optimal intake of water and how much do you need to consume to lose weight.

1st step:

At first you have to determine your weight number and after that you can determine how much water is optimal. It is important because as the kilograms or pounds increase the intake of water will increase accordingly.

If the scale numbers show a decimal, round up if it’s a five or higher and if it is a four or lower, round down. Get the most accurate reading if you use an analog scale. (For ex. 100.4 pounds= 100 pounds; 100.5 pounds= 101 pounds)

2nd step:

Divide the weight in half and if the number includes a decimal, round up. That number is the required intake of water in ounces. (For example 101 pounds / 2 = 50.5, rounded to 51 ounces)

3rd step:

Determine the level of activity that has a direct correlation with the intake of water. Ad we are more active our bodies will expel the water naturally. Add sixteen ounces of water for every half an hour of exercise.

4th step:

Add the numbers from the 2nd and 3rd step and here is an example how it should look like:

-201 pounds of weight;
– 201 / 2 = 101;
-16 oz. for half an hour of exercising per day;
-101 oz. + 16 oz. = 117 oz. or ten glasses of water

This is where you can see how much your body needs water to lose weight:

Weight               Intake                  Number or glasses (one glass- 12 oz.)

80lbs                40 ounces               3
90lbs                45 ounces               4
100lbs              50 ounces               4
110lbs              55 ounces              5
120lbs              60 ounces               5
130lbs              65 ounces               5 to 6
140lbs              70 ounces               6
150lbs              75 ounces               6
160lbs              80 ounces               7
170lbs              85 ounces               7
180lbs              95 ounces               8
190lbs              95 ounces               8
200lbs              100 ounces             8 to 9
210lbs              105 ounces             9
220lbs              110 ounces             9
230lbs              115 ounces             10
240lbs              120 ounces             10
250lbs              125 ounces             10 to 11
Here in the following are two helpful pointers than will help in achieving the water intake:

-Before each meal, drink 2 cups of water from 8-ounce cups.  This adds up to 48 oz.

-In order to get another 32 oz. drink 1 glass of water (16-ounce glass) before going to bed and when getting up in the morning.

Drink additional serving if you have to get up in the middle of the night.
Follow these tips and you will get to 80 oz. of water intake and this will make it much simpler to reach the goals of the day.

Source > powerofpositivity.com