The manicure procedures that we do are slowly damaging our nails. Many women go with artificial nails, which increase the damages. Numerous people with this problem tried many remedies that have helped them.

You may do not know, but having healthy nails isn’t something we get from our grandparents or parents. You have to eliminate all the bad habits. Some people still use their mouth to trim the nails, but it is very unhealthy for the nails and the organism.

The health of the nails can be also affected by poor diet. You should consume foods that are rich in vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, iron and protein.

Using too much strong detergents and products without proper protection can affect the nail’s health. Keep your nails as healthy as possible and you will have no need to use remedies.

In the following video you can see the remedies they have used and how they helped them and you can try some of them as they are completely natural.
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