A great night sleep is a favorite thing to most people. Not getting enough sleep can harm our health. Around 48 percent of Americans, among 35 to 54 years old, reported that they do not get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can cause many diseases and here are some of them:

*Diabetes and obesity*

The University of Chicago’s researchers say that the fatty acids impact the metabolism’s speed and the ability to regulate the levels of blood sugar. People who did not get enough sleep had fatty acid buildup and while those who got enough sleep did not have higher levels of fatty acids.

*Alzheimer’s disease*

A John Hopkins University’s study claims that not getting enough sleep can cause Alzheimer’s and if it is continued it will speed up the progression of the diseases. It was found by the researchers that sleep is needed for the brain to eliminate the ‘cerebral waste’ that can cause dementia.

*Cardiovascular disease*

This type of disease has been linked to poor sleeping patterns. 657 men from Russia, between ages of 25 and 64, were followed for fourteen years in a study. 2/3 of them who experienced heart attack had some sleep disorder type.


Researchers have found a link between poor sleep and suicidal thoughts in adults, whether or not they had suffered depression. The Stanford University of Medicine’s study included 420 participants and twenty of them with difficulties sleeping took their lives during the study. The most susceptible were white males over 85 years old.

*Prostate cancer*

The Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention’s researchers noted in a study an increased rate of prostate cancer in Icelandic patients with sleep disorder among 67 to 96 years old. The danger of developing this cancer type got increased by 60 percent in those who didn’t sleep enough. It is thought that it is a result of melatonin suppression. The melatonin suppresses the growth of the tumor and helps us sleep.

*Ulcerative colitis*

This is inflammatory bowel disease which is marked by ulcers in the digestive tract’s lining. According to a NHS’s study, it can be caused by too much or too little sleep. More than 9 hours and less than 6 hours of sleep resulted in higher rates of ulcerative colitis.

Source > simpleorganiclife.org